Our Consulting Services

Many businesses and professional practices want to reach Spanish and/or English-speaking customers within their local markets while others may be interested in expanding their business opportunities to the National and Global marketplace. The Translation Link, along with our strategic partners Moonlight Marketing Group, in addition to a multidisciplinary group of professionals that are experts in different areas are equipped to provide you with the latest marketing research and resources to help you make an educated decision regarding future expansion goals.

We will tailor our consulting services to your specific needs.

We help you:

  • Explore your specific strengths and weaknesses as they apply to the changing marketplace
  • Identify key opportunities 
  • Develop a strategic communications plan to increase your customer base
  • Define appropriate multi-cultural opportunities and suggest specific translation needs
  • Identify marketing opportunities and advertising avenues

Our company will organize market outreach/Trade Missions to Latin American countries with the purpose of helping you establish a relationship with distributors and trade agents, form strategic alliances and identify potential joint venture partners, contact buyers, and help launch your business in the new market. Together, we will help you set the platform to create and expand your market presence.

Our Translation Services

Communication is the key to any successful business. Choosing The Translation Link to convert your marketing collateral and internal communications to a second language will instantly increase your ability for business growth. Regardless of the size or time sensitivity of your project, The Translation Link stands ready to provide you with quality service at a competitive price. Many of our translation services are instantly measurable via internal client satisfaction and growth profit. Our translation areas of expertise are English and Spanish with a variety of other languages, including, French, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

Billing for translation services is dependent upon the following variables:

  • Target Language
  • Number of Words
  • Complexity of Format (charts, photos, embedded text boxes, etc.)
  • Technical vs. Non-Technical
  • Digital Copy vs. Output Copy

The Translation Link requires our clients provide the original of the text(s) for an official assessment, cost estimate and delivery schedule. Minimum fees will apply.

Our Proofreading & Editing Services

Is your document already translated? Could it be outdated or does it need clarification? Put our proofreading and editing staff to work for you. We will double check your document for accuracy and appropriate tone then, we will make suggestions on how the document could be updated and/or verify that everything is perfectly written.

Sometimes in the course of business, owners will receive a document or purchase order form that needs clarification due to its written language. Our staff also provides translation services for these types of documents.

Note: All types of documents to comply with Executive Order 13166

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