Case By Case, The Translation Link Speaks The World’s Language

It’s understandably difficult to fully appreciate the impact of our translation services until you see the results in black and white. We are extremely proud to say our satisfaction rating is among the highest in the Nation and have compiled the following case studies to give further insight on what we can offer you, your business and your bottom line. 

Business Client Case #1

A local manufacturing company found themselves in an urgent situation with a client based in Panama. Our client had received an e-mail and photo attachment seemingly describing a delivery problem. The Translation Link quickly converted the Spanish e-mail into English and discovered an urgent message concerning defective parts and non-operable machinery. Within 24 hours, both our client and the Panamanian company had resolved the delivery issue. The relationship remained strong.

Business Client Case #2

Internal communication can be just as important as external marketing. Such was the case of our client who needed an employee handbook translated into Spanish. Upon analyzing the document, The Translation Link provided a full assessment of the handbook’s structure and content. We were concerned that if translated in its current structure and content, much of the meaning would be lost or misinterpreted. We suggested some major changes to the original English version text and offered suggestions on format. The resulting English and Spanish piece far exceeded our client’s original expectations and both handbooks were well received by the employees.

Professional Practice Client #1

A Nicaraguan mother (who was not very proficient in English) and her custody evaluator needed a reliable and professional interpreter for an upcoming court evaluation. Over a two-day period, the mother was able to express her side of the story using her native language and our translation/interpretation services. Initially, it seems, she was misinterpreted in the court hearings and not able to express herself appropriately. After the end of our sessions, the mother and custody evaluator were confident and pleased that our services helped them fulfill the courts custody evaluation requirement.

Individual Client #1

A French-Canadian client called us with an urgent request to translate her car insurance permit from French into English in order to apply for a Florida Driver’s License. The Translation Link quickly processed the request and translated the document following the format provided by the DOT. We also provided the translation in the original small format for her wallet. The client was extremely satisfied and the documents were duly notarized.

Individual Client #2

A Puerto Rican client requested the translation of his BA diplomas, course descriptions and other related documents of his undergraduate studies. The Translation Link advised the client that Puerto Rican official documents of any kind, including official study records, are provided upon request from the educational institute in both Spanish and English. Although the client was extremely impressed with our no-cost disclosure, he was rushed for time and used The Translation Link for one urgent translation. He feared waiting for the school’s registrar might cause an unnecessary delay.  

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